PRO WORKSHOP: Develop, Deploy and Govern AI: Building an Huggingface End to End Sentiment AI Solution

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Vasilis Vagias, AI Architect

AI Architect with a background in Physics and Math and a wealth of experience in Architecting and Engineering complex AI systems/solutions across a diverse set of verticals. SME in AI, Streaming Analytics and IoT. 

Learn how to develop, fine tune and deploy an end to end AI application. Focused on an NLP solution architecture that incorporates the latest advancements in NLP from Huggingface as well as optimized Tensorflow and Pytorch containers from from Intel and Nvidia into a robust automated pipeline capable of accounting for Data drift and Model drift while providing Inference API’s that support an interactive application and real time Kafka inferencing on live Twitter streams. Using Metacloud every aspect of this hybrid solution can be developed collaboratively in a single control plane which manages execution across all of your on-premise investments, while also allowing you to dynamically leverage cloud based compute resources.
This workshop will give you an end to end example that will help you solve your next NLP problem, and strategies to maintain your model in production.