PRO WORKSHOP (ProductWorld): Interviewing PM Candidates: Moving Away from a Bad Industry Habit

Jeremy Glassenberg
Docusign, Product Leader

Jeremy is an experienced Product leader of over 13 years with a proven track record of building and monetizing platforms. He was an early member of Product teams at Box and Tradeshift, and built several Product organizations. He also trained numberous colleagues on the job to have successful careers as Product Managers.

Jeremy experienced successful and unsuccessful businesses in a variety of industries

Jeremy is a mentor to top-tier startup accelerators such as Alchemist and Techstars.

Over the past 2 decades, interview methods for Product Managers evolved significantly. As we continue experimenting to find a truly accurate means of interviews, many tactics proven to have weak results have been dropped. Interestingly, with dramatic changes to the technology industry in recent years, resulting in both a surge of demand for PMs, and a surge in the supply, many companies unprepared for the new dynamics ended up with poor interview habits. Today, courses for PM interview training literally warn students that "being a good PM and interviewing for PM roles are not the same thing." It's time to re-assess our methods in this landscape, and in observing what we're doing wrong (and right), how to achieve a better process.

Here we'll share market data, learnings from many hiring managers over 5+ years, and learnings from PM interview courses to highlight quantitatively what is happening with our interviews.