PRO WORKSHOP: Where’s Your Rubber Duck? (Debugging with Rubber Ducks & Humans)

Libby Swan
Axioned (né PRDXN), Co-Founder/CEO

Co-founder/CEO of Axioned, a B2B digital services firm, passionate in helping Axioned's clients & team achieve their scale and growth dreams.

Bio Cliff-Notes:
- Co-Founder/CEO of Axioned (né PRDXN), 2009 till-date. Axioned serves a broad range of B2B digital services, and exists to help clients scale and grow through realizing responsible solutions to their digital challenges.
- Leads Axioned's cross-border team of 90+ creative technology/digital problem solvers (full-stack developers, testers/QA resources, project managers, and UX/content designers). London, New York, Mumbai and Denver.
- Expertise lies in helping customers/partners identify & scale efficient and effective digital solutions (people, platform, processes).
- Experienced in managing distributed, remote and diverse teams to "get things done"/actioned.
- Brings to the table a unique blend of operations, sales, marketing and technology experience.
- Pre-Axioned life: ~7 years at GE in the early 2000's. GE Mafia of Tech Leaders:

Growing the B2B digital services firm, Axioned (est. 2006), has been a fun and challenging journey.

Rubber duck debugging: "Many programmers have had the experience of explaining a problem to someone else, possibly even to someone who knows nothing about programming, and then hitting upon the solution in the process of explaining the problem."

In scaling and growing Axioned, my team and I fully embrace the rubber duck method (aka "talk things out to test it out") to solve problems AND get things done.

This is a highly interactive session (IF it's allowed to be) with exercises that encourage participation amongst attendees.

It lights people-up + drives "aha" moments.

- Intro & practical(s): GTD (getting things done) and how to correctly define "next actions" (verbs/doing words clarify)
- Intro & practical(s): Rubber duck debugging aka "talking things out to test it out" - and how this supports GTD