DeveloperWeek Austin 2020 DeveloperWeek Austin 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Jamstack: Going (a Little Bit) Back to the Roots
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Facundo Giuliani
Facundo Giuliani, Software Engineer

Do you remember Microsoft FrontPage? The concept of static web pages is back! With some of the tools and concepts developed in the last years, we can get advantage of some features that static web pages offer and get web apps with better performance, more security, easier scaling and cheaper costs.

“Jamstack” is a term that is becoming more popular lately. There are more and more tools, services and frameworks that help us to develop web applications with this approach. We will talk about this architecture and what advantages it brings us compared to “Server Side Rendered” applications. We will also talk about different types of tools that we have at our disposal to create web applications based mainly on pre-rendered content.