DeveloperWeek Austin 2020 DeveloperWeek Austin 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

OPEN TALK: Your Apis Are Under Attack... Inject Security Into DevOps !
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Isabelle Mauny
Isabelle Mauny
42Crunch, Field CTO

The enterprise use of APIs is growing exponentially. Companies face a difficult choice. They must shift towards a software-based, digital approach to service and product delivery – or get left behind. Agile development, business pressure and the complexity of API security have made security teams life very complicated. And to make matters more complicated, the adoption of microservices architectures has multiplied the number of API endpoints that you have to protect.

To cater to those requirements, there is only one choice: make security fully part of APIs DevOps.

In this session, we discuss:
- Which security aspects must be considered at dev time
- How to build a dev pipeline which includes security, but that the developers won't hate
- Recommendations for tools that prevent/detect APIs vulnerabilities at the infrastructure, communication and application levels.
- Strategies to gradually enhance security for your existing (and new!) APIs