Wednesday, November 17, 2021

OPEN TALK: Introducing "Continuous Design/Continuous Integration"
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Ivan Huerta
Ivan Huerta
Parabeac, Founder & CEO

Introducing Continuous Design/Continuous Integration Agile processes have become mature contributors to the evolution of developer operations for the build to deploy stage, but what about design? After all, creating the user interface typically takes up to 60% of the total development time, easily representing the most attractive opportunity since Agile itself to redefine how apps are built. Not only is it an enormous expense, but mistakes between designers & developers can impact an app well after launch. Since design is now largely digitized it seems like a no-brainer to build automated conversion tools that integrate designer/developer workflow into what we could call “Continuous Design/Continuous Integration”. So where are they? In this talk, Parabeac CEO Ivan Huerta describes the reasons why it is much harder than you might expect, and what CD/CI would need to look like to be truly functional. Ivan outlines the major challenges that have kept CD/CI from coming to fruition and the new pathways within which CD/CI tools could now be on the near horizon. He predicts how the CD/CI market may present itself over time, and what the substantial and surprising long-term impact might be. Agile gave adaptive energy to the build and deploy stages of app development. CD/CI simply extends that backward to include the design stage as well. But when CD/CI platforms become an integral part of automating developer workflows, the reduction in development costs may only be a small part of the story compared to CD/CI’s impact on the transformation of traditional developer roles. Ivan closes his talk with a discussion of the potential implications of that transformation. A more detailed outline of the talk is available on request.