Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Managing WebAssembly Applications Using Docker and k8s Tooling
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Michael Yuan
Michael Yuan
Second State, CEO

WebAssembly is a high-performance, lightweight, polyglot, portable, and secure application runtime. It is ideally suited for many cloud native use cases, such as service mesh, embedded APIs for SaaS, and serverless functions for edge networks. However, as Docker and k8s’ success in cloud native infrastructure has shown, orchestration and management solutions are crucial for the adoption of application runtimes. In this presentation, Michael Yuan will use CNCF sandbox project WasmEdge as an example to discuss how to integrate and use widely used cloud native orchestration tools to manage WebAssembly workloads. Specific topics include the following.  - WebAssembly use cases in cloud native infrastructure - Use runw to add WebAssembly management capabilities in CRI-O - Use crunw to support WebAssembly in k8s  - Support WebAssembly as a service mesh sidecar in Dapr and others - Standardization efforts around WebAssembly orchestration and management