Wednesday, November 17, 2021

OPEN TALK: Optimize Non-coding Time
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Ori Keren
Ori Keren
LinearB, CEO and Founder

This talk is unique because 99% of developer productivity tools and hacks are about coding faster, better, smarter. And yet the vast majority of our time is spent doing all of this other stuff. After I started focusing on optimizing the 10 hours I spend every day on non-coding tasks, I found I my productivity went up and my frustration at annoying stuff went way down.
I cover how to save time by reducing cognitive load and by cutting menial, non-coding tasks that we have to perform 10-50 times every day.
For example:
-Bug or hotfix comes through and you want to start working on it right away so you create a branch and start fixing. What you don’t do is create a Jira ticket but then later your boss/PM/CSM yells at your due to lack of visibility. I share how I automated ticket creation in Slack by correlating Github to Jira.

-You have 20 minutes until your next meeting and you open a pull request and start a review. But you get pulled away half way through and when you come back the next day you forgot everything and have to start over. Huge waste of time. I share an ML job I wrote that tells me how long the review will take so I can pick PRs that fit the amount of time I have.

-You build. You ship it. You own it. Great. But after I merge my code I never know where it actually is. Did the CI job fail? Is it release under feature flag? Did it just go GA to everyone? I share a bot I wrote that personally tells me where my code is in the pipeline after it leaves my hands so I can actually take full ownership without spending tons of time figuring out what code is in what release.