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Change Is A Sport: Getting Yourself, Team, and Business Out Of Deadlock

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Zen Magnani
Logicworks, AWS Platform Engineer

Susan "Zen" Magnani has been enthralled by computers since she remembers. Bold, straightforward, and a brilliant thinker and innovator; she grew up in a household where she was fortunate to have both a mother and father who were successful engineers. She attributes much of her success to the visibility, mentorship, and sponsorship of other female engineers - most especially, her mother. Her work prior to graduating college included running her own video game company, Emblazon Games (; as well as extensive internship and corporate experience while still attending school. After graduating with her B.Sc. in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University, she began her career as a Full-Stack Developer at Avanade - a software consulting firm which is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. There, she worked her way up in under 2 years from junior level roles into a lead developer. She was responsible for getting one of the most pivotal software Ideas Accenture had off the ground - a cutting edge, full-stack application meant to streamline workloads for DevOps teams. Her work on this app was crucial in closing nearly half a billion dollars in sales for Accenture. She currently works for Logicworks - a managed cloud services company - where she is an AWS Platform Engineer.

Machines are only capable of doing what they've been programmed for. Programs are only as good as the person who created them. And people are only as good as they believe themselves to be.  Most people would like to achieve different results than they are today, across many areas - at work, at home, in their relationships. Achieving a change in results is a science; but getting people to believe that they are capable of change is a sport.  Good leaders get people to believe in them. Great leaders get people to believe in themselves. This talk will address how to find limiting beliefs for yourself and blind spots for your team, and provide a method for changing the outcome of those blockades.