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CLOSING KEYNOTE: ESO Solutions -- Data Mesh: An Emerging Paradigm for Managing Data at Scale

Brandon Martinez

Brandon is the Chief Technology Officer at ESO where he leads Engineering teams across North America and Northern Ireland in building out an expansive suite of cloud technologies used by EMS organizations, Fire departments, Hospitals and Federal customers.  He is a software engineer at heart with a passion for building scalable architectures and high performing teams.  Prior to ESO, Brandon held positions at Dell and JP Morgan Chase, where he specialized in developing high volume, transactional messaging systems.

In 2019, ‪Zhamak Dehghani‪ published a thought-provoking article highlighting common failure modes of centralized data architectures and advocated instead for a decentralized, domain-oriented approach in which data is managed as a product.  This paradigm is described as a Data Mesh and it builds upon prior architectural concepts such as microservices, domain bounded contexts and elastic platform infrastructure solutions that unlock scalability.  In this talk, we will discuss how Data Mesh can be applied by organizations that are looking to expand their product offerings, perhaps even through growth strategies that include mergers and acquisitions.  If you are struggling to derive value from your organization’s data due to overly complex and coupled ETL pipelines or monolithic big data stores, Data Mesh will likely be a refreshing new take that intuitively resonates with teams who need agility in managing, serving and composing novel insights from their product offerings.  Additionally, if you are leading development teams, Data Mesh can provide the missing blueprint that allows you to escape an org chart in which data engineers are siloed from the subject matters experts who can best articulate how your organization’s data can be utilized to great effect.