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Extracting and Processing Data from PDFs

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Ben Vanderberg
Adobe, Principal Developer Evangelist

Ben Vanderberg is a Principal Developer Evangelist for Adobe Document Cloud platform. For the last 15 years, he has worked with organizations to help drive automation and paperless technologies. With the release of the iPad and the iPhone, he helped publishing organizations drive cross-publishing to the web, mobile, and traditional paper. At Adobe, he has been helping drive innovation in documents through e-signatures (Adobe Sign) and document automation using Adobe Document Services. He is also working with many enterprise platforms, including SalesForce, Microsoft 365, AWS, Azure, and other platforms. Ben is also an editor and contributor to Adobe Tech Blog.

Over 2.5 trillion PDFs are created every year and contain a huge amount of valuable data. However, PDFs continue to be a challenge to reliably extracting data from.

In this session, we will learn:
- How you can use Adobe PDF Extract API to convert PDFs into JSON data use within your app.
- Introduce to the Adobe PDF Services SDKs (NodeJS, Python, Java)
- Extract tables easily to import into your own apps and databases
- Perform automated actions such as splitting PDFs, combining them, or flagging them based on certain criteria in the PDF.