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KEYNOTE: Cobalt -- 3 Tangible Ways to Put the Sec in DevSecOps

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Eric Brinkman
Cobalt, Chief Product Officer

Eric Brinkman is the Chief Product Officer at Cobalt. With 15+ years of experience in the technology industry — spanning hardware, software, cloud, cybersecurity, dev tools and DevOps — Eric’s expansive industry knowledge has enabled him to build and lead high-performing teams to carry out the product vision. In his current role, Eric is focused on leading product strategy, scaling product growth and advancing Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) category leadership. Prior to Cobalt, Eric served as the Senior Director of the Dev section at GitLab.

In order to avoid being front page news for having fallen victim to a big cyberattack companies must learn to incorporate security processes directly into their development process, cue DevSecOps. Despite the growing prominence of DevSecOps, the disparity among security and engineering teams, along with a traditionally “reactive” approach to security often stifles critical DevSecOps practices. In this talk, Chief Product Officer at Cobalt, Eric Brinkman, will show the importance of adding security practices into DevOps lifecycles, and how proactive security measures like pentesting can be integrated into developers’ workflows. Additionally, Eric will give real examples of how security and engineering teams can work hand-in-hand to test faster, remediate risks smarter, and ultimately make security stronger.