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OPEN TALK: Next Generation Crash Reporting for Mobile Apps and Games

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Vincent Lussenburg
Backtrace (A Sauce Labs Company), Technical Product Manager

Vincent is a Technical Product Manager who also dons a sales hat for Backtrace I/O. He's an enthusiastic public speaker with a background in software engineering, scrum, Kubernetes security and DevOps in two countries (The Netherlands, United States). Working for Backtrace I/O allows Vincent's inner gaming nerd to flourish, although these days he doesn't spend three nights a week raiding (WoW) or throwing his keyboard around in frustration (any FPS) anymore and tries to balance all things gaming with the great outdoors. Vincent calls Colorado home and is into (trail/long distance) running, hiking, (uphill) skiing and camping.

Explore the relationship between customer satisfaction and handling app hangs, errors and crashes.

In this session, we'll explain how Backtrace’s next generation crash reporting can ensure top-app rankings through advanced monitoring and how to integrate Backtrace in your existing Android and iOS apps.

Key takeaways:
- How to manage app errors, hangs and crashes - and why
- Understand the unique challenges for mobile app monitoring and reporting
- Learn how Backtrace simplifies mobile crash management