DeveloperWeek Europe 2021 DeveloperWeek Europe 2021

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

OPEN TALK: How to Embed Security into Your Pipeline
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Dirk Herrmann
Dirk Herrmann
Palo Alto Networks, Manager, Systems Engineering - Prisma Cloud

Cloud Native software development principles have fundamentally changed the way modern IT organizations work. Teams who have operated in silo in the past, are now working more closely with each other, with developer teams owning the entire stack and lifecycle. In these scenarios, automation has become more critical than ever before. This includes building, testing, deploying and operating applications at scale and at a high frequency. Security and compliance needs to be treated the same way and cannot be an after-thought or slow down development or deployment.

In this session we will provide examples of how to embed a variety of security and compliance practices into a fully automated pipeline, from the perspective of development and security teams.

Join us to learn more about how you can secure your entire application lifecycle, starting as early as possible, putting into practice “shift left” without making compromises on security and compliance.