DeveloperWeek Europe 2021 DeveloperWeek Europe 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Building Real-Time Applications with Blazor and GraphQL
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Michael Staib
Michael Staib
ChilliCream, Cofounder

Blazor and GraphQL combined will revolutionize how we build rich SPA applications with pure .NET.

Blazor for the first time in years gives us .NET developers the ability to develop applications that run in the browser. This allows us to use our knowledge that we acquired in the backend or with desktop applications and use that in the web.

GraphQL on the other hand changed how we work with data fetching. With GraphQL the frontend developer defines how the interface between the frontend and the backend looks like. We no more have friction between backend and frontend developer and are able to iterate much faster.

Let us explore together how we can put those to together and change how we design components by binding them to GraphQL fragments. With GraphQL the data becomes front and centre and drives our application.

After having a fundamental understanding of how GraphQL improves our data fetching needs in web applications we will move on and build a nice real-time application with Blazor and GraphQL. Let us together build a truly engaging next gen application and push Blazor to the limit.