DeveloperWeek Europe 2021 DeveloperWeek Europe 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Evolution in the Right Direction - How to Run Serverless Stack in a Kubernetes Environment
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Michele Sciabarra
Michele Sciabarra
Nimbella, Developer Advocate

Kubernetes is a great normalizer for clouds, but is it enough to create applications that are portable across clouds? Unfortunately not! There are two problems: First, there is a steep learning curve for Kubernetes. The developer has to worry about master nodes, worker nodes, services, ingresses, stateful sets, and many more details which are infrastructure-related and not application development. This results in developers spending more time working on infrastructure before they can start working on the application. Second, the serverless development platforms that are available in the public cloud are proprietary so the code is often tied to a particular cloud vendor. This negates the important value of running Kubernetes which enables your application to be cloud-agnostic.

This session will focus on an open-source-based serverless stack that runs on any Kubernetes environment and makes the development frictionless with infrastructure automation and a rich set of developer APIs. Attendees will also learn how to run both containers and function workloads with the same serverless stack during their serverless journey on Kubernetes.

We will also demonstrate how to deploy a serverless controller and use serverless runtimes to execute functions, covering the gap from the deployment of Docker containers to a fully-featured serverless engine.