DeveloperWeek Europe 2021 DeveloperWeek Europe 2021

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Use DevOps to Deliver Micoservices with High Quality
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Moa Gardell
Moa Gardell
Softronic, Lead Developer, Consultant, Engineer

What would you do if you were asked to design a system to analyze transactions in near-real time to find money laundering? That was the challenge I has been working with the last year. I used microservices and after a while I had a fully functional system, but how to deploy it? How to keep control when each service acts independently from the rest of the system? How to deliver a system with high quality, availability, and reliability? The last piece of the puzzle was to add DevOps – and this is when things get interesting.

And during the process I must admit it, I have fallen in love with DevOps and the capabilities it brings. Come listen to a speech about the elegance and possibility’s I have learned.