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Cloud App Modernization: From 0 to Hero

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Lorenzo Barbieri
Microsoft, Solutions Architect

Increasing partners ROI on cloud investments with the right architecture is one my objectives as a Cloud Solution Architect working for Microsoft. Improving people’s public speaking skills is one of my personal goals.
I'm specialized in Cloud Application Development, both Azure and Office 365, Windows and cross-platform applications, Visual Studio, ALM and DevOps, and I like to talk with people and communities about technology, food, and funny things.
I'm a speaker, a trainer, and a public speaking coach. I've helped many students, devs, other professionals and many colleagues, improving their stage presence, to deliver exceptional presentations.
I work for Microsoft Western Europe, in the One Commercial Partner SI Alps division, helping partners (System Integrators), developers, communities, and customers in Italy, Austria and Switzerland, supporting software development on Microsoft and OSS technologies.
I've managed teams of more than twenty people, and now I enjoy when I can lead virtual teams to drive specific results.
I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2000 and a former Microsoft MVP for ALM, DevOps, and Virtual Machines.
I write articles for Italian IT magazines and I speak at conferences in Italy and Europe, and I'm currently trying to finish my first book.

Specialties: Cloud Architectures, Training, Software Development, Problem Solving, Team Development, Coaching

There's a lot of confusion about "App Modernization". For somebody it means using containers, for somebody else it means going to the cloud with some "native services". In this session we'll try to understand what's behind app modernization and which strategies you could adopt to succeed in doing it.