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Develop Apps Using Sharepoint Development Framework for Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams

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Kislay Sinha
CGI, Director Consulting Expert

I work as Director Consulting Expert at CGI Sweden, I have been working with Microsoft Technologies for more than 13 years now.
I have my expertise in area of SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Power Platform.
I am an active member in community now and participates in weekly calls, doing demo, publishing articles on my blog post, videos. I also try to share and encourage other people blogs and videos which I like.
Apart from blogging, I have also started YouTube channel in which I publish two videos every week, one highlighting other people work during last week and other taking up one topic in area of Microsoft 365.

A deep dive into how we can create Apps for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams using SharePoint Development Framework (SPFx).
It will cover following topics in detail
1. How to get started that is prerequisites?
2. How to create simple Hello World App?
3. How to call Microsoft Graph from your App to show data from other Microsoft 365 services such as Teams, Calendar, Emails etc
4. How to call Third Party APIs from from your App to show data outside of Microsoft 365 (display a joke whenever a page loads)? using React JS.

This session will give developers know how of development related to SharePoint and how to publish them in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint