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Event-Driven Real-Time Applications: Solving the Scalability Challenge

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Peter Hughes
Push Technology, Head of Cloud

Peter Hughes is an experienced senior engineer in high-performance Java applications and has led the design & development of both back-end and front-end projects for real-time data platforms. He is currently Head of Cloud for Push Technology’s industry leading Diffusion®, an Intelligent Event-Data Platform. The platform powers real-time, highly-scalable and mission-critical web, mobile, and IoT applications for companies worldwide.

Peter spends his days entrenched in interactions with development and business teams around the globe. Peter is well-versed in both the business and deep technical challenges companies face and he has broad experience helping them address these challenges to achieve their corporate goals. He has strong engineering credentials in leading the design and development of both back-end and front-end projects for real-time data platforms. As a sought-after speaker, his recent presentations on real-time data over the Internet include: API World, the Nordic APIs Data Summit (, Devvox, and Develop Denver.

Businesses in every industry are using event streaming to build real-time applications and drive innovative new experiences across web, mobile, and IoT systems and applications. Managing the distribution and operation of real-time event streams over the Internet, mobile, and satellite networks, external to the corporate network, in a cost-efficient, reliable, and secure manner, presents a unique set of development challenges, particularly in relation to scalability.

The wide array of corporate applications require different types of scale including the abilities to: serve large and often variable client volumes, to handle tens or hundreds of thousands of unique data streams, and to provide high throughput of data across geographically dispersed and/or remote regions. This talk will highlight how an Intelligent Event Data Platform is purpose-built to deliver optimal performance, and reduce operational risk and cost across both axes of scale-traffic volume and data throughput – regardless of congested or fluctuating network conditions.

The presentation will also discuss how popular platforms, such as Apache Kafka, do not adequately address the challenges of the Internet, e.g. over the edge of corporate networks. Undoubtedly, Kafka can reliably stream high volume data within enterprises’ networks. However, there are serious issues that occur over the last mile i.e. when data must be delivered over the edge onto the public Internet and mobile networks. Kafka is not designed for last mile streaming which poses application and system development scalability challenges. This talk will draw from real-world examples of how to address the challenges and successfully extend Kafka event-streams across the Internet.