DeveloperWeek Europe 2021 DeveloperWeek Europe 2021
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OPEN TALK: Playing the Observability Game

Christoph Engelbert
Instana, Senior Developer Advocate

Christoph Engelbert is an open source enthusiast and always interested in “Java Next”. In his spare time, he struggles with performance , toptimizationshe JVM internals or the garbage collector, whereby he is also available to answer questions on these topics as a freelance consultant. He also firmly believes in Polyglot and is familiar with Java, Kotlin, Go, TypeScript and other languages.

As developers, we can remember the time when Nagios was state-of-the-art technology. We hated looking at all the numbers that seemed disconnected from our reality. The world has changed though, and Observability provides us with a new swiss army-knife in our toolbox. Used correctly it helps to improve reliability, brings additional focus on what matters, the business logic, and offers aid in case of problems or failures. Especially in time-critical situations, a distributed system with many service dependencies can be hard to analyze.
This session you will learn how to use Observability to assist developers instead of distract them.