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Reasoning React with ReasonML

Workshop Stage 1
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Sara Hillel, Software Engineer

Sara Hillel is a Software Engineer with a passion for learning.
She is skilled at crafting fine-tuned web-based applications from scratch, and loves experiencing cutting-edge technologies in delivery-focused environments.
As a digital nomad, her life outside of the workplace resembles her life at work: exploring languages, cultures, and staying connected when she is distant.

React is transforming the world of web development.
It encourages you to reason about building UI apps, and it adds a fresh functional and declarative approach to the composition.

Now, what’s the future? Could we expand this pit of success? Maybe even to the entire language?
React creator has the answer - Reason.

What is Reason? Does it justify the hype? Is it ready for production?
Join me in exploring answers and playing around with Reason and React! 🤹🏻‍♀️