DeveloperWeek Global 2020 DeveloperWeek Global 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Blackbaud -- Lessons From a Total Technology & Culture Transformation
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Mary Beth Westmoreland
Mary Beth Westmoreland
Blackbaud, CTO

It’s critical that dev leaders continually inspire and better their teams for continued innovation and excellence.

Mary Beth’s leadership on Blackbaud’s platform strategy, architecture modernization and culture shift has allowed for the evolution of Blackbaud’s technology from legacy on-premises and hosted applications to an agile development model with solutions implemented on Blackbaud SKY®, the company's platform for social good cloud innovation. Chris’ continued leadership now also allows for new critical features that help social good organizations better operate and fulfill their missions to be rolled out in a matter of days.

Mary Beth will share the keys to managing dev teams to increased innovation and success, including:
· Creating a “safe” environment for productive disagreement
· Giving teams problems to solve, not solutions to implement
· Creating an environment of autonomy, mastery and purpose
· Celebrating failing fast
· Pivoting quickly
· Translating direction from the C-suite in a way that sets teams up for success

She’ll also share the four biggest lessons learned along the way as a leader in Blackbaud’s transformation, including:
· The hard stuff isn’t the code. It’s the culture.
· Reiterate and stick to your principles.
· Be ready to fail.
· Code wasn’t our secret sauce.