DeveloperWeek Global 2020 DeveloperWeek Global 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

OPENING KEYNOTE: Perforce -- The Future of Software Development
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Rod Cope
Rod Cope
Perforce Software, CTO

With supercomputers in our pockets, self-driving vehicles, and software recognizing images better than humans, what we recently thought of as the future is already here, so how do we define the next future? Rod Cope explains how different aspects of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, high-performance computing, digital platforms, massive bandwidth, and an obsessive focus on user experience will be the fundamental drivers to future application success as we build upon lower barriers to entry and shift from improving technology to improving life. Rod shares his 20+ year journey from the forefront of open source to a predicted future where the IoT and big data are the new normal and the key questions are less “How can we do it?” and more “How do we make it better?” Come to this session to learn what you can do now in terms of research, planning, and investment to get the most out of our inevitable future.