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Atlassian’s Journey From Monolith to Microservices

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Mike Tria
Atlassian, Head of Platform

Mike Tria is the Head of Engineering for Platform at Atlassian. Mike oversees Atlassian's global cloud infrastructure, identity & front-end platforms, and third-party developer ecosystem. Mike has 15+ years of experience as a software engineer and leader, ranging from work at cloud-native startups to larger companies

It’s easy to delay the move to a service-oriented architecture and organizational structure—until you don’t have a choice. Atlassian formed and integrated it’s microservices model while undergoing the largest engineering feat in company history – migrating 100,000 JIRA and Confluence instances to a multi-tenanted architecture on AWS. Mike Tria, Head of Platform at Atlassian, describes the wins and challenges of these projects in the context of “microservicing out.” How much monolith could be preserved? Would tech debt swallow the engineering team whole? Could they decompose everything? Learn from Atlassian’s experience.