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OPEN TALK: A Guide to Lowering Your Cloud Costs

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Tiffany Jachja
Harness, Evangelist

Tiffany Jachja is a technical evangelist at Harness. She is an advocate for better software delivery, sharing applicable practices, stories, and content around modern technologies. Before joining Harness, Tiffany was a consultant with Red Hat's Consulting practice. There she used her experience to help customers build their software applications living in the cloud.

We know that costs for public cloud services can quickly get out of hand, so without cloud cost solutions, the invoice would be a black box. Yet to many users, desperately seeking to reduce their cloud costs, the root cause of these costs are hidden within subtleties of cloud resources. This makes it difficult for teams to plan work, test their services, and manage costs. Join this session to learn how to manage development resources to reduce cloud costs.