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OPEN TALK: Frontend - Backend Symbiosis

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Dimitar Mihaylov
SiteGround, Front-end developer

I am currently a JavaScript engineer at SiteGround. Writing front-end code since the time jQuery was the industry standard. Very passionate about elegant solutions and clean code. Computer Science Bachelor developing various IOT hobby projects.

Idelin Todorov
SiteGround, Software Development Team Lead

Idelin is a Software Development Team Lead at SiteGround. With a background as a backend developer, his largest and most complicated project so far is the API, driving the brand spanking new SiteGround Users' Area. Idelin is passionate about programming and technologies from programming micro controllers to the architecture of vast web applications hundreds of thousands of users.

Best practices straight out of our latest project, giving the ability to minimize validation duplication. React in the front-end and Symfony in the back-end working together and solving our complicated validation needs.