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OPEN TALK: How a Hybrid Document Management API Brought Back Peaceful Sleep to Some CIOs and Chief Software Architects

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Dr. Nikola Milanovic
OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Nikola Milanovic has been responsible for product development at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS since 2014. He oversees software development for the product lines enaio® and yuuvis®, as well as quality assurance, maintenance, and agile development processes. Previously, Milanovic served as CEO of Model Labs GmbH as well as Senior Consultant and Team Leader at GAI NetConsult GmbH. In 2001, Milanovic completed his studies in electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Belgrade. In 2005, he earned his doctorate from the Department of Computer Science at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2010, he acquired habilitation and qualified as Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the TU Berlin, where he also worked as a research assistant.

What is common for a large bank, a national library, and a major airline? Tradition, volume and costs: meaning that they are conservative, have established values and are resistant to change, but at the same time confronted with ever-increasing volume of their daily business. And yes, they are paying a small fortune just to have their decades old software running. Regardless whether it is more SWIFTs to track, more books to index or more tickets to sell, speed of digitalization in their respective domains has caught up with them. They are now facing an impossible dilemma: how to scale massively – as those “others” are doing in the cloud – but remain “traditional” at the same time. Let me tell you a story how they accepted a cutting-edge hybrid API technology, while remaining true to their traditional values.