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OPEN TALK: Organizing a Distributed Digital Hackathon

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Uchi Uchibeke
AfricaHacks, Blockchain Engineer, Securekey/Founder

Uchi founded NaijaHacks to make opportunities available to all young Africans so that they can start their own technology ventures or work at some of the world’s best companies. Currently, Africa's biggest tech competition, NaijaHacks started in 2018 as a remote Hackathon with over 1,200 participants with Judges and sponsors from around the world.

Uchi also founded AfricaHacks which helps anyone in any country in Africa to organize a remote Hackathon. AfricaHacks is supported by companies like AWS, Twilio, Nexmo, Segment, and others.

Uchi co-invented a novel way of using Blockchain for big data access control and filled a US and Canadian patent and uses Blockchain and machine learning to build solutions as an Engineer, mentor, speaker. and researcher in the Security, Health-tech, and FinTech space.

Uchi is active on social media! Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram at @UchiUchibeke for your dose of everything tech, Africa and good food!

With the advent of virtual conferences because of COVID-19, organizations and teams are looking for ways to host Hackathons remote. This session will discuss the AfricaHacks operation manual, developed through experience in NaijaHacks 2018 and 2019, BothoHacks and others, and how anyone anywhere can host an impactful Hackathon with the click of a button.