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OPEN TALK: Top Consideration for Accelerating AI/ML Intelligent Application Delivery

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Syed Rasheed
RedHat, Director of Portfolio Solution Marketing

As Cloud Native Solution Manager at Red Hat, Syed Rasheed coordinates marketing, evangelism, and consulting activities. In addition to helping customers address application development and integration challenges today, Syed is responsible for working with customers, partners, and industry analysts to ensure the next generation of Red Hat technology meets customer’s requirements for building agile business applications and integration solutions. Syed is 25+ years veteran of IT industry with extensive experience in the Application Development and Integration, Business Intelligence and Data Management technologies areas. His work spanned several industries including financial services, banking and telecommunication.

Insights derived from data and analytics have varying shelf life depending on the type of insight and can range from microseconds to months and even years. If enterprises don’t act on insights within a given time frame, they are no longer actionable; and the opportunity to change the course of business outcomes will pass. At the same time, as data volumes and variety increase, many enterprises are struggling to get the timely insights they need.  In this session we will cover data-to-insights-to-action lifecycle and how Red Hat with its rich partner ecosystem can help enterprises turn data insights into informed action through development of intelligent applications.