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The Evolution of the Node.Js Ecosystem

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Jacopo Daeli
GoDaddy, Lead Software Engineer

Jacopo Daeli is a computer scientist and a senior software engineer. His research interests include cloud infrastructures, distributed systems, peer-to-peer applications and machine learning.

Jacopo is currently Lead Software Engineer at GoDaddy. Outside his professional work, Jacopo mentors at the Holberton School and Node School in San Francisco, writes technical articles for the Node.js foundation and Google Cloud Platform community. Occasionally, he is a guest speaker at many prominent global conferences and meetups including DeveloperWeek, Midwest JS, Best Of Web, Paris.js, SFNode and Codito Ergo Sum.

Node.js is the most powerful and growing fullstack ecosystem. The presentation will introduce the Node.js ecosystem with particular attention to numbers (number of modules published per day, number of new developers per year, etc.), and will dive deeper into how Node.js can be used for Front-end development; Mobile, Tablet and Desktop development; Blockchain and Smart Contract Development; Cloud backends; IoT Devices; and Service Oriented Architectures.