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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Managing Serverless Costs With Kubernetes
Denver Serrao
Denver Serrao
WP Engine, Sr. Software Engineer

Serverless has been widely accepted as a mechanism to deploy and run software easily. However, the cost of running production scale workloads on Serverless can be surprisingly high. Wouldn't it be great if we could get the benefits of running workloads on serverless without the hassle of worrying about costs ?

Enter Knative, an open standard allowing you to run serverless workloads on your own Kubernetes clusters. In this talk, we will walk through a real world example of how we used Google CloudFunctions (FaaS) at WP Engine to deploy a serverless data pipeline, and then transitioned that workload to using Cloud Run (built upon Knative) and Kubernetes to achieve the same results at a greatly reduced cost. We will dive deep into how we achieved the cost savings, handling fault tolerance, concurrency and auto-scaling

Now our developers can focus on code instead of the plumbing of managing infrastructure, while delivering customer and business value quickly and easily.