DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud 2020 DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud 2020
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OPEN TALK: How Terraform and Continuous Integration Transformed Our Multi-Cloud Operations

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Chris Wahl
Rubrik, Chief Technologist, Office of the CTO

A friendly technologist who enjoys being thrown at challenging situations. Most happy when collaborating on technical designs with a diverse set of peers, learning improved pipeline automation methods, and moving tasks to the right on a Kanban board. Over 20 years of experience across numerous roles as a customer, channel partner, published author, founder, and technology vendor.

This is the story of a small infrastructure team’s quest to forever change how infrastructure is provisioned and managed across multiple cloud providers. We walk through all of the steps required to go from toiling over a pile of hand-crafted misery to a well-oiled continuous integration machine fueled by Terraform. Learn how we approached code design, workflows, prototyping, bake-offs, team collaboration, remote state, repository design, and more. Demos and sample code included!