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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

PRO SESSION: Enable AI to Drive Intelligent Customer Interactions and Reach Your Contact Center's Full Potential
Tony Hung
Tony Hung
Vonage, senior software engineer

With each new year, artificial intelligence (AI) creeps higher on enterprises’ list of priorities, thanks to the promise of many benefits such as automating processes and enhancing the customer experience with more intelligent interactions. Certainly, with AI, the types of digital transformation that seemed too far-fetched or futuristic just a few years ago are within reach today. It’s becoming clear that communications is at the core of business’ digital transformation, and programmable technology is the key. Programmability offers the flexibility and agility needed to enable the implementation of intelligent communications tools, customized to meet the individual needs of each business and their employees. To meet this growing need for tools that enable digital transformation, providers must innovate to offer enterprises unprecedented capabilities to customize their business communications applications. In this presentation, Tony Hung, Senior Software Engineer at Vonage, will discuss how enterprises with limited machine learning expertise can leverage simple, secure and flexible solutions to deploy intelligent solutions in their contact centers. He’ll demonstrate in real time how true programmability has the power to enhance UC and contact center applications, allowing enterprises to adapt to customer demands and generate new insights to better serve and delight customers, improving the overall customer journey. By enabling AI-based tools, such as programmable building blocks, chatbots, open source skills-based routing, and real-time sentiment analysis, intelligent communications are helping companies to completely transform the way they communicate, how they operate, and how they connect with customers.