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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

OPEN TALK: Off the Beaten Path; Finding Creative Solutions in a Google World
Patrick Mamaid
Patrick Mamaid
Cmd, DevOps Manager

As a DevOps professional it can be daunting to select a cloud provider when you’re tasked with building out your company’s infrastructure from scratch. There may seem like some “obvious choices” out there, but this isn’t necessarily the case at a startup where you are the solo or duo DevOps team. You could encounter several challenging things along the way, including (but certainly not limited to!) orchestration in the cloud, future-proofing a fresh, rapidly growing environment, security compliance requirements from SOC2, RBAC implementations and, of course, incorporating “ease of use” into every process along the way.

At Cmd, we are able to deploy an immutable/mutable hybrid infrastructure, while at the same time controlling user access with ease! We hope our contributions at this talk help the DevOps community understand why we looked past some choices when selecting our tech stack, the ways in which we approached the challenges that come from going off the beaten path and how we resolved these challenges at Cmd to create a more efficient operation that adds value across the organization.