Tuesday, September 14, 2021

OPEN TALK: Unlock Cassandra Data for Application Developers Using GraphQL and REST APIs with Stargate.IO
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Cedrick Lunven
Cedrick Lunven
DataStax, Director of Developer Advocacy

Cassandra is an incredibly powerful, scalable and distributed open source database system. Companies with extremely high traffic use it to provide their users with consistent uptime, blazing speed, and a solid framework. However, many developers find Cassandra to be challenging because the configuration can be complex and learning a new query language (CQL) is something they just don't have time to do. Stargate is an OSS multi-model API Data Layer for cloud native databases which sits on top of Cassandra and provides HTTP interfaces to your data - it provides a REST API, a GraphQL API, and a document-oriented Schemaless API. You can install it on top of your own Cassandra instance and participate in the community. During this presentation we will demonstrate and share the purpose, capabilities and internals of Stargate. We also give a working sample as a docker-ready configuration file.