Tuesday, September 14, 2021

OPEN TALK: Lagoon: The Secret to High-Performing Developers & Happier Ops Teams
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Michael Schmid
Michael Schmid
amazee.io, Head of Technology

Kubernetes is great, but complex — and the learning curve is steep. Some might even call it frustrating. After all, application developers should be making great applications, not struggling with the complexities of Kubernetes. And operations teams shouldn't be biting their nails over developers having direct Kubernetes cluster write access.

Lagoon solves this (and more). It reduces the initial Kubernetes knowledge required from developers by providing easy to use application templates that involve just a couple lines of code. It does this with fully automated deployment on every branch commit or pull request. This removes the need for developers to have write access to the Kubernetes cluster and makes your operation teams happier.

Lagoon is fully configurable and flexible, and supports your developers in learning (and loving!) Kubernetes.