Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Journey of Achieving No-Ops in the Era of Hyper Transformation
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Santanoo Bhattacharjee
Santanoo Bhattacharjee
Accenture, Solutions Expert – Advanced Architecture (Cloud & DevOps)

The Journey of achieving No-Ops (No-Operations) always begins with 2 key objectives
• Extreme automation
• No “dedicated” infrastructure teams, ever!

In this era of tech-evolution, even though we are already in the middle of Industry 4.0 revolution, there is no unified / singular framework to adopt No-Ops. Everyone has a different take of what No-Ops to them means. While for some the idea of evolving their systems to minimal operations is exciting, for a few – its more of a way to refine management of teams & channelize their efforts into something towards development. Whatever it may be, loosing operations specialists is still a long distant dream. Maybe we are so dependent on Managed-Ops, that plugging it off “majorly” is a nightmare to even think of.

The continuous growth of the CD tooling with a plethora of extensions made available to the DevOps ecosystem, even though we have significantly achieved & reaped quantifiable benefits from this implementation – scaling this across the organizational divisions is becoming a visible challenge.
Introducing more evolutionary controls such as templating provisioning & orchestration, immunizing integrations & connectors, adding extended & deep monitoring systems etc., Uncertainty & Unreliability still is a common problem across transformation scoring charts.

Revolutionary processes like Chaos Engineering, Auto-Enabled SRE, AIOps are creating aspirational backlogs for BU’s who are still struggling to manage their existing implementation
Operations (Ops) amalgamated with development transformational ways of using microservices, containerization etc. applications are becoming indeed complex to manage as well.

Current Ops management is already beyond the scope of manual management & it will eventually become worse in the years to come because of the growing complexity of applications.

It’s time to introduce a friend, DevOps & CD automation needed since a good long time. Welcome No-Ops!

Few key highlights of the talk would be:
1. In DevOps Ecosystem
a. With Speed & Agility comes Responsibility
b. The Human limitations aspect of evolution
2. DevOps + AIOps – How will the match be?
3. AIOps – Few Key Enablers
a. Market Analysis – what the future beholds
b. How to integrate with your current tools
4. No-Ops
a. The Entire Framework
b. How DevOps is to be extended, properly with AIOps
c. How it enables SRE Teams
d. Interesting Use Cases
5. The Road Ahead