KEYNOTE: PagerDuty -- Leaning on Technology in the New Noisey: Managing Cloud, Change, and Risk

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Michael Cucchi
PagerDuty, Vice President of Product

Michael Cucchi is the Vice President of Product at PagerDuty. He has over 20 years of engineering, product management, and marketing experience in the high-tech and software industries. Prior to PagerDuty, Michael was the VP of Software Products at Cognizant where he drove strategy, funding and go to market methodology across a portfolio of 15 software as a service offerings, generated from a startup incubator he helped design. He has also spent time in leadership roles at Pivotal, Akamai and Riverbed in addition to running IT operations for a major datacenter for the federal government in research and special programs. At PagerDuty, Michael creates and drives PagerDuty's overall product and ecosystem positioning, product strategy, community advocacy and competitive intelligence.

Your company’s “digital transformation” will be driven by new application designs and methods, new technology stacks, and new processes. To master it, and delivering next generation services through it, massively complex sets of signals and data need to be leveraged, processed, and acted on. Developers need integrated data and insights through that noise, while being able to leverage their tools of choice. All of this must be managed, even in spite of massive rates of change and innovation. The challenge is determining who or what is going to do that work, where the work gets done, and how the business benefits from it. This session focuses on methods to overcome the complexity of digital transformation in the cloud and drive operational maturity despite constant change across applications, digital services, and products.