KEYNOTE: VMware -- How to Maintain Production-ready Quality When Chasing Innovations in Cloud

James Watters
VMware, CTO of the Modern Application Platforms

James Watters is the CTO of the Modern Application Platforms business unit at VMware. He speaks daily with enterprises that are transforming how they build applications, guiding their embrace of microservices patterns and DevSecOps practices. Prior to VMware, James led Products and then Strategy at Pivotal and has been instrumental in Cloud Foundry and the broader cloud native ecosystem.

The new LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a collection of modern, developer-friendly APIs. The first generation of enterprise APIs were designed to expose slow moving legacy apps. Modern APIs must move at the pace and scale of microservices. This offers a huge opportunity to modernize internal systems to be API first and developer friendly. In this session the speaker will consider the relevance of internal v. external APIs for refactoring legacy apps. Attendees will learn to build a catalog of internal APIs to use as building blocks when developing new apps and discover how to navigate the noisy market of API offerings to find the best fit solution.