OPEN TALK: Solving Multi-Region and Hybrid-Cloud Data Replication with Apache Cassandra™

Aaron Ploetz
DataStax, NoSQL Engineering Lead

Aaron Ploetz has been a professional software developer since 1997, and has several years of experience working on and leading DevOps teams for startups and Fortune 50 enterprises. He has been named a DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra three times, and has presented at multiple events; including the DataStax Summit, Cassandra Day Chicago, and Data Day Texas. Aaron continues to contribute to the software community by answering StackOverflow questions from other developers (mostly in the Cassandra tag), and has worked as an author on the books Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week and Mastering Apache Cassandra 3.x (3rd edition).
Aaron earned a B.S. in Management/Computer Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a M.S. in Software Engineering (Database Technology emphasis) from Regis University. When not writing or coding, he enjoys astronomy, retro-video gaming, and skijoring. Aaron and his wife, Coriene, live with their three children in the Twin Cities area.

Today's Kubernetes based applications need data services which can meet them where they are: in the cloud. But which ones? It is quickly becoming apparent that a presence in multiple, public clouds is necessary to maintain strategic data agility. However, keeping data highly-available and synchronized across multiple providers can be challenging. In this presentation we'll discuss Apache Cassandra's best-in-class approach to solve this problem, and how it can be leveraged to support multiple distributed use cases.