OPEN TALK: The Scale Trap: How We Reduced Our CPU Utilization from 80% To 15%

Ezequiel Nulman
Granulate, R&D Team Lead

Ezequiel Nulman is an R&D Team Lead at Granulate, leading its infrastructure development and scale. Previously, Ezequiel was a Senior DevOps Engineer at Singular and other startups in the cloud ecosystem, specializing in performance and scale. Before joining Granulate, Ezequiel was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft.

Application performance metrics are a top priority for Developers and Engineering teams, as they have to ensure their applications are running properly at all times, handling high fluctuations in demand and scale. All while keeping in mind the rising and changing cloud costs that come with the territory.
In this session, Ezequiel will go over the internals of profiling in production and explain how this practice provides teams with deeper visibility into their workloads at scale, enabling them to optimize performance. He'll then go over a real-life use-case of how profiling our own workloads, managing millions of events per second, improved our CPU utilization, and reduced it from 80% to 15%.