OPEN TALK: What Exactly IS Serverless, Anyway?

Rain Leander
Cockroach Labs, AppDev Technical Evangelist

Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary community liaison with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in IT. An epic public speaker, they have disappeared within a box stuffed with swords, created life, and went skydiving with the Queen. Seriously. Rain is an active technical contributor with CockroachDB, Tinkerbell, OpenStack, RDO, TripleO, Fedora, and DjangoGirls. Come say hello. Bring cake.

You’ve heard of Serverless but you really aren’t sure what it is about. Isn’t serverless just another word for cloud computing? Isn’t it just “Other People’s Computers”? Or is it the most efficient way to develop applications, letting the developer focus on their own priorities instead of anything to do with the administration of a server? Cloud providers would have you believe it means letting them take care of the platform side. But the idea of Serverless extends beyond the platform to encompass everything from microservices to databases, from development to operation, from storage capacity to the network. This talk is geared towards those curious about this new Serverless technology and what opportunities arise by embracing the latest movement.