Securing CI/CD Pipelines

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Angel Rivera
CircleCI, Senior Developer Advocate

Angel started his career as an US Air Force Space Systems Operations specialist in Cape Canaveral AF Station where he realized his passion for technology and software development. He has extensive experience in the private, public and military sectors and his technical experience includes space lift operations, software development, SRE/DevOPs engineering. He also has a wealth of experience in defense and federal sectors such as contracting, information systems security and management.

You can usually find him speaking at or organizing local tech meetups and hackathons where he enjoys engaging with developers.

Angel’s passions are positive disruption, learning, teaching, mentoring but most of all inspiring all forms of technologists & building awesome tech communities.

Most CI/CD pipelines used by DevOps teams utilize integrations with services such as APIs, databases and other critical systems to complete their workflows. These integrations usually required the use of extremely sensitive secrets such as passwords, tokens or certificates and must be securely protected at all times. Unauthorized access of these pipeline secrets open these systems to threats from bad actors and illegal access of data.

In this talk Angel will discuss common pain points in properly securing applications, CI/CD pipelines and protecting sensitive access gates to integration targets. Attendees will learn strategies to secure their applications, sensitive data and pipeline integration points. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to implement security layers that can improve their pipeline security posture.