Solving Event-Driven Application Development Challenges in the Cloud

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Sanjai Marimadaiah
Push Technology, Chief Product Officer

Sanjai is Chief Product Officer at Push Technology. Sanjai came to Push from Spinnovation LLC, which he founded and led, to help CEOs of startups chart their next strategic phase of growth. Prior to that he was VP of Product Management at Pilops, VP & GM for Business Incubation at CA Technologies, Senior Director of Cloud Solutions at Oracle, and Head of Product Management for Big Data Solutions at Hewlett Packard. Sanjai has an MBA degree from Santa Clara University.

Event-driven, real-time development in the cloud is a major part of many organizations’ digital transformation initiatives and businesses realize that data is the currency of competitive advantage. Event-driven applications must consume, enrich, and deliver data securely in real-time, and efficiently at scale. Therefore, the size of data packets, speed and frequency of data transmission and update, and the “intelligence” of data handling, are critical to successfully running mission-critical, corporate applications and making time-sensitive business decisions.

The core expertise of many companies lies in the development of their business applications, not in developing streaming data technology. As organizations everywhere move to the cloud, the demand for the dynamic enrichment, management and security of real-time, inflight data is critical. The fundamental challenge of developing event-driven, real-time applications and systems for the cloud, is managing the complexity of the end-to-end journey from sources to recipients of the highly “perishable” data – fast, reliably, securely, often in large volume, and sometimes to many recipients (hundreds of thousands of applications, systems, and devices concurrently). This talk will highlight how an Intelligent Event Data Platform enables organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver game-changing, real-time applications to market faster, while significantly reducing the cost of software development and operations.