DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020 DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

5 Skills to Master the New Developer Agenda
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Annie Mathew
Annie Mathew
Microsoft, Director, Developer Relations

In this pandemic season nations across the world are in various stages of economic response and recovery. As technology plays a vital role in the recovery of nations, the role developers need to play is also undergoing a massive shift. Much like the gap between developers and operations teams brought about Devops, its time now for developers to integrate far more tightly with business leadership to help companies navigate the economic turmoil leveraging tech. I'll talk about 4 skills the new developer needs to master beyond tech alone to realize the potential for transformation - BizDEv teams, understand the business and its problems, dig into pricing and optimization, culture of rapid experimentation and communication. Experiential learning from Asian dev community and customer.