DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020 DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

KEYNOTE: Publicis Sapient & Lloyds Banking Group -- The Transformative Value of Modern Engineering
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Peter Crouch
Peter Crouch
Lloyds Banking Group, Retail Head of Engineering
Pinak Vedalankar
Pinak Vedalankar
Publicis Sapient, VP Technology

The use of modern software development methods is drastically increasing the rate of software delivery among traditional banks and breaking the view that they can only deliver software every few months. This talk will explore the impact and practices of Modern Engineering and how it has enabled Lloyds banking group to adapt to the challenges of a complex world.
Stephen Hawking predicted the 21st century would be the century of complexity, a world which is unpredictable, ever-evolving and unbounded. This complex world requires the Bank to move from the old business paradigm and mindset of controlling time, scope and cost to the Modern Engineering-led business paradigm and mindset of quality, speed and value.
Bringing it to life, we will see how the Bank applied the Modern Engineering tool-sets to improve their ability to focus on quality, speed and value. We will share examples of how modern engineering practices have helped the Consumer Servicing Value Stream within the Bank to become more adaptable and to respond to COVID19 pandemic. Lastly, we will explore what the new business paradigm of quality, speed and value means for the Executives within the Bank.

Key audience takeaways from this talk:
• Learn how Lloyds Banking Group applied a practical application of Modern Engineering in the Consumer Servicing Value Stream
• Understand the modern engineering principles to help you and your organisation adapt to our changing world
• Reflect on how to keep your skills relevant
• Reflect on whether you are clear on your products and how they deliver value to the customers