DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020 DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

DevSecOPs for Kubernetes-Based Applications
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Sven Ruppert
Sven Ruppert
JFrog, Developer Advocate

In this session, we will discuss concerns over security, privacy, and compliance holding back organizations from making the move to fully cloud-native initiatives. As more and more companies orchestrate their containerized applications in Kubernetes, enabling DevSecOps and continuous security becomes a must.

We will look at the end-to-end SDLC process - from the first line of code up to an application running in a Kubernetes cluster - to examine the importance of DevSecOps. Where can you start, what does it look like for a developer, key patterns for success, and how you can achieve speed and scale while reducing risk and ensuring compliance.