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AI-Enabled Analytics Drive Better Agent Emotional Connection

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Noam Fine
Vonage, Head of AI Applications

Noam Fine joined Vonage as Senior Director, Application engineering and heads Vonage AI following the acquisition of, a voice Artificial Intelligence platform in which he was the co-founder and CEO. Prior to, Noam was the CEO and co-founder of Sensiya – a contextual awareness platform (acquired by iam+), Widdit, a leading provider of engagement and monetization solutions and Predictad – Predictive search algorithms. Noam has a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Tel-Aviv University

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) have helped customers and call agents alike, to get more done in less time. It draws on multiple data sources to anticipate customer and company needs, handles interactions on its own where possible, and provides in-call support where needed.

The future of AI in the contact center is one where software tools make humans more efficient and allow the customers to have natural conversations with a bot via voice, webchat, social messaging app or other channels, handling requests, retrieving information and delivering answers to frequently asked questions. In short, creating the ultimate customer experience.

During this session, Noam Fine will discuss how enterprises with limited machine learning expertise can leverage communications APIs to unlock simple, secure and flexible solutions to deploy AI in their contact centers, elevating issues to experienced agents when needed to ensure personalized, emotive CX. He will draw on his experience to explain how enterprises can automate their agent-based live chats and streamline their support channels and operations, while offering a personalized human-like interaction. Most importantly, he will discuss how to find the right balance between seamless, intelligent self-service and efficient human intervention using integrated AI-driven communications - applications, APIs and the best of both.