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Don't Panic! You Already Have the Answers (Unlocking Your Infrastructure Data)

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Dennis McCarthy
London Infrastructure as Code, Founder and CEO

Dennis McCarthy is the founder and CEO of London Infrastructure as Code. He runs regular meetups and Enterprise training workshops in the UK with a focus on DevOps tools, Automation & IAC. In 2016, he went travelling once around the world for 6 months with his wife and two daughters and is hoping to go again soon. An avid Formula one fan, you can find him watching the race most Sunday afternoons.

To make good decisions you need to use all the available information. For many companies, a lot of this information is locked up within their infrastructure, and getting to it is both difficult and time-consuming. IT Enterprises need to release this stored data to allow for better decision making, ultimately saving time, reducing waste and lowering costs.

We’ve talked to many organisation and they all suffer from the same problem. That they’re not easily able to see what’s right in front of them. They’re unable to answer simple questions about their infrastructure and software. They simply don’t know what they’ve got, where it is, or exactly how many of “it” they have. It’s a common problem and it comes down to a lack of available tools to fit a multitude of physical and virtual challenges. This puts pressure on operational staff to deliver the answers, but with no built-for-purpose tools available, they have to piece the information together taking a lot of time and effort. This massively reduces their productivity, and the ability of the company to respond quickly, when the information they need should be readily available.

lets first look at some of the questions we regularly ask of our infrastructure/applications. You should be able to find the answers to these questions in a very short space of time, if not already know the answer. If you can't, you have a problem.

·        How many servers do you have across all cloud and on-prem environments - Total number (you're paying for them).

·        Which teams support the various parts of your infrastructure.

·        What containers/build versions are running on all your Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters.

·        Are all your servers patched to the latest release.

·        Able to easily collect specific data for a simple licence renewal.

·        Do your servers meet the agreed CIS controls. Are they as secure as possible?

·        How many servers are still using a vulnerable version of software (CVE vulnerability)

·        Do any of your servers have an uptime of over 3 months.

·        What regions do all your cloud instances run in.

Reading through this list will probably resonate with some of you. Either because you asked the question, or because you had to find the answer. How did you find the answers? Was it straight forward? Did it only take you 2 minutes?

I'm betting the answer is probably NO.